@ Dante Alighieri Dance Hall, Cambridge      Friday Oct 19th 8p-1aThe passion of the salsa dancer is unparalleled; rich, overflowing, mad

A Salsa Social is the perfect opportunity to, meet new friends, practice what you learned in class, and dance salsa with people from all over. It is a place where dancers and non-dancers come to share the dance floor with you.

No partner required - 21+ - Free parking --> PARKING MAP HERE

Address: Dante Alighieri Dance Hall
41 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA


This Month, Eric German & Orchestra



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How is the location? how big is it? how is the dance floor? Don't ask and just look at the this video to see how the studio look like VIDEO

  • Dance with everybody: It is only a few minutes of your life, however you can provide a great experience for someone else.
  • Smile: This is not a root canal. You might meet your new best friend.
  • Go easy with him/her: Pay attention, where you are taking her, are you relaxed? Don't search for the soul...yet.

Where is Tambo located?


Tambo Salsa Social this is hapenning @ the Dante Alighieri Dance Hall
41 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA

We are only minutes driving distance from Harvard Sq and Central Sq and 6 blocks aways from Kendall Sq red line

Plenty of street parking and a parking in front

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